The Family


A Man finds a Woman (or a Woman finds a Man) – they fall in Love and maybe after some Time has passed by, they decide to found or “become” a Family.

After getting to know each other, the decision to found a Family is mostly a spiritual decision. Both Spirits need to be in Harmony with each other and both Spirits need to accept the Idea of living their Lives as a Family – one Unit – in their Future. When founding a Family it is the End of the individual Egoism. As Part of the Family you need to value the Lives of your Partner and your Children higher than your own individual Life.

Very important when we think about how much we value Individualism these Days.

As someone who never had the Luxury of a loving Family and Home I understood at some Point through Observation what I have missed and it also became clear to me why the Family is so important to your whole Life. Why starting your Life in a Family that is led by the Thought of Love and Harmony is so important.

It gives you self confidence and security. It gives you Faith in your Future, the Optimism that you need in bad Times. Only on that basis you got the strong roots you need to achieve higher Goals in Life. If you miss that, you are doomed to fail in Life over and over again. Because you miss that guiding Light, that Hope as if that Gift was never given to you.

Now why is the Family and also the welfare of young People so important that I wanted to talk about it in my Blog as one of the first Things ?

Because the Family is the fundament on which our western Societies are based upon. Families literally create our Future as a Society, as a culture Circle and as a State.

So before proceeding i wanna make sure that we agree on this :

The Family is the Backbone of our western Society.

Now these Days the Concept of the Family is under massive Attack from multiple Directions.

  • Women are told by the Ideals of Feminism that being a caring Mother who stays at Home is similar to oppression
  • Men are told by the Ideals of Capitalism that Wealth and Success would define them
  • In Germany it seems to be a big Goal of Politics to have a full-time Child Care for everyone instead of caring about the Family Situation in german Households and helping them
  • When People talk about Children, one could think that Children are just annoying obstacles that keep them from fulfilling their Dreams
  • Marriage is being seen as unneeded, People live together in so called “Lebensgemeinschaften” (life partnerships) that require nothing from no one. But everyone should know that when you don’t give anything you also won’t receive anything
  • Divorce is not considered something bad but it is accepted nowadays
  • Abortion is being seen as a minor medical Treatment and not as what it is – socially justified murder – ignoring the rights of the unborn Child
  • Same Sex Life Partnerships or Marriage seems to define the modern Society
  • Surrogacy is an accepted Method of getting Children – ignoring the Feelings and Emotions of the Child
  • Designer Babies will be the next Method in the near Future that will dehumanize human Beings

Needless to say that this is not a good Situation for People who think about founding a Family. Also when they have to think about the possible Future their Children will have to face one Day.

In Germany the Politics of the established Parties played a big Role to create this Situation. It started at some Point after the Reunification that these false Ideologies were placed in the Minds of the german People.

And what does the german Church do ? You would expect them to go against this, but no – they support these Politics or don’t mention the Damage that is done.

Then, when you take a closer Look behind the Curtains of many Bishoprics you will notice that People who are in-line with the common political Direction also pull the Strings there. I always defended the Church whenever I could. But I start to change my Mind about this. I will still defend Christianity – but I will think twice to defend the actual german Church in the Future.

Now lets keep spinning the Wheel and see where we get with this.

The big Question that always bugged me is this : We had this System (which was maybe not perfect all the Time, but then what is perfect ?) for hundreds if not thousands of Years and it worked.

And now all of a sudden all of this is bad and we get a new System (that goes the opposite direction in every Way)  within a couple of  decades. Good is Bad, Bad is Good, God is evil, Satan is good, stupid is clever, clever is stupid.

The World has been turned upside down.

Somewhere in the Background you see the Shilouette of an evil Giant swinging the big Hammer against all that made us strong and gave us Strength in many Centuries.

At the Core of this Mess you will find the Family. Something that should be protected and supported by the State, by the Society, by the People.


What is the Reason for all of this ? Who started all of this ? Whom does this serve most ?

As a Result of all these Things many People don’t live in Marriage anymore. Young People are disoriented. Morals are declining, you see it everyday on the Internet and in your daily Life. When you observe the Kids these Days. We were also no Angels in our Youth for sure. But this is on a totally different Level.

When you look at todays Newspapers you find more Typos and grammatical Errors on one half Page than 30 Years ago in the whole Newspaper. A declining Language is the Symptom of a dying Country.

These Things, believe it or not – all come directly or indirectly from the Situation we have put our Families in.

So my Believe is this : If we don’t save the Institution of the Familiy we will not survive as a Country nor as a Culture. If the Parents of the Future don’t understand that Children are a Blessing and a Gift and that this won’t come without responsibilities, then we are done.

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.
Pope John Paul II
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