Body & Mind – A Blog about all and everything


My first Work for my new founded Blog. The first Question of Course comes naturally :

What could and should I write about ?

To be honest, currently there are so many Things going on in the World, that it is hard to decide for something. I also plan to showcase very different Things. From Reviews of Music, Movies or Literature – to Discussions of YouTube Videos and then again religious, political or philosophical Questions, everything could and should be possible.

So my Blog will be literally about everything. I won’t specialize on anything, as one-sidedness means Boredom to me.

So my first Post I guess will be about the Question of what I could do.

“Oh the Thought Process”

Or maybe the Question, why the Heck shall I do a Blog at all ? The Answer to that is simple. The Western Civilization in it’s current State won’t survive this Century. Something that really worries me.

Reasons ?

Not a single one, that’s for sure. But overall a couple of Reasons can be highlighted as having the biggest Influence. From what I can see as a layman, one fundamental Reason is bigger than all the others combined : The Destruction of the Family as the smallest form of social Organization, which is needed essentially for the Welfare of a Culture or a State, is progressing.

And so my very first Article will be about the Family.

If you wanna reply on one of my Posts you can do so in English or German.

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