Hello, hallo, bonjour, ciao, ¡Hola, Olá, Привет!, Halo, Alo, Helló, Здравей!, Namaste, 你好!, こんにちは!…

If only those Babylonian’s wouldn’t have built that Tower…

Anyways, welcome to my Blog.

In this Blog I will talk about Things that go around in my Head. It is just my personal Opinion. I do not represent anyone else but myself. I am a roman-catholic Christian and I sympathize currently with the AfD political Party, since it was led by Professor Bernd Lucke. Yet I am not a right nor a left Winger. I don’t think in such Categories anymore. I got German, Italian and Polish Ancestors.

Will always be open about different Worldviews and Opinions. So feel welcome to share your Mind. I will not judge anyone by his honest Opinion, yet Trolls will get the Kick, of Course.

To start off, I wanna present you my Hometown in a Nutshell along with a couple of Images : The Picture on the top left shows the Cathedral or “Dom” of my Hometown Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany. Built by Charlemagne around 785 AD it is also the oldest Building in my Town. The actual Appearance of our “St.Peter” is from ca. 1100 AD. As a Comparison, the famous Dome of Cologne was started in 1248 AD.

Below you see our famous Town Hall of the “Westfälischer Frieden” (Westphalian Peace). The Peace Treaty that ended the “30 jährigen Krieg” (30 Years War) was signed here.

Osnabrück likes to call itself the “Friedensstadt” (City of Peace)

Townhall of Osnabrück

Beside that, my Hometown is located very close to the Teutoburger Forest, a Place where once in September 9 AD the Roman Army under Varus was defeated by the Tribe of the Cherusci under Arminius, in Germany also called “Herrmann”. The so called “Varusschlacht” had a huge Impact on the Roman Empire and stopped their Advance east of the River Rhine.

“Furor Teutonicus”

Maybe the most famous People from my Town these Days are Erich Maria Remarque (Author of “All Quiet on the Western Front”) , Felix Nussbaum (Jewish Painter), Christian Wulff (President of Germany) and Robin Schulz (Musician, DJ).

The Felix Nussbaum Haus in Osnabrück was designed by Daniel Libeskind, who also did the Masterplan for the new World Trade Center in New York.

In the End, I have to recommend my Hometown to you if you ever gonna visit Germany. It is one of the nicest Cities in our Country and even many Germans don’t know about that Fact. So don’t miss it !

If you wanna reply on one of my Posts you can do so in English or German.

10 thoughts on “Hello, hallo, bonjour, ciao, ¡Hola, Olá, Привет!, Halo, Alo, Helló, Здравей!, Namaste, 你好!, こんにちは!…

    1. Thanks, didn’t know you were also already blogging 😉 When did you start it ? I had the Plan for a while but it was just short before new Year that I said to myself I wanna definitely start it now 🙂


    1. My Computer completely broke after the last Win10 creators update a couple of Weeks ago… along with access to most of my stuff. In addition to that my personal Computer Mechanic (the only one i can trust) went on Holiday for 3 weeks until 10th of June. I hope that i got my System running again at the End of June. 🙂 but i could get skype to work again if there is a need to talk 😉

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      1. I was stopping in to see if you had posted some recent content. I hate hearing thst you are dealing with such harsh computer failure. 😦 Summer just began for me so I will be available more. I’ll get back with you when you are able to get your gear repaired. No rush. Just checking in on my favorite German. :}


    1. Will be back as soon as possible – as I replied to Mr Lawrence – will work on new Stuff again when my System is running again, which should be hopefully at the End of June 🙂


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